Topps Products delivers sustainable, commercial roof and industrial roof maintenance solutions. Our roof coatings and roof sealants have been protecting and sealing roofs, stopping roof leaks and extending roof life for decades. Topps products have proven durable in over 30 countries and on every continent and in every imaginable climate.

The Topps® company roots in this business – which date back to 1958 – are based upon a simple concept: product selection for your roofing needs is as important as the company that installs it. Our roof coating systems work together to restore, protect and enhance the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings. These systems always include a versatile group of surface preparation, reinforcement, roof repair and roof coating products which all work together to improve the performance of your roof.

Providing effective roofing solutions to contractors, building owners and facility managers — and supporting our full line of roof coating and roof repair products with a dedicated support team — is our top priority.

We understand what it takes for a roofing project to be a successful one. It comes down to the quality of roofing product, and the company that stands behind it. At Topps, our support team works closely with you to ensure the project goes smoothly. Compared with “pop up” private labels, our support team is experienced in the roofing industry and can provide you with what you need to get the job done right. Our roofing products are second to none, exceeding industry standards and standing up in the harshest of climates.

Nothing can be more important to your project’s success than the confidence that comes with quality roofing products, combined with the reliability of both local installers and manufacturer’s resources working together.

At Topps, our production management team oversees the purchase of every raw material and the production for every litre of roofing product produced for you. Our business development division assists and helps train roofing contractors with available certification seminars and on-site training worldwide. This combined package helps assure project managers and contractors yield the desired results for their customers and projects.

We pride ourselves on our attention to customer service. Strict product production guidelines’ involving our own people together with local certified independent installers helps ensure your results. Because Topps® products are used in virtually every climate of the world, including the Antarctica and others typically referred to as the graveyard of protective coatings, Topps® likely has the best option to serve you. Let our staff and trained independent installers assist you.